Friday, October 17, 2014

Autumn Crochet Collage

Maple Tree, Glen Arbor, Michigan - Fall 2010
So much to do!  If any of you are familiar with the old Disney, animated version of Alice in Wonderland, you may recall the White Rabbit singing a little ditty: "I'm late! I'm late, for a very important date! No time to say 'hello', 'goodbye', I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!".  That song has been popping into my head a lot lately (ha! no pun intended).   I've been trying to make autumn items for the shops where I have my creations, get ready for holiday shows that are right around the corner, and keep sane as I drive my son out to Eastern Michigan University every day of the week this term.  Among other things, he is taking Beginning Japanese, which meets for an hour each day -- and it's worth the drive, because he loves it and seems to have a real knack for learning it.  I have to say, however, I still feel self conscious crocheting in the EMU Student Center while I wait for him to get out of class.

Today, I just thought I would post a little photo collage of some of the projects I've been working on since my last post.  A little autumn eye candy in crochet form --

First, a few fall pins (or brooches):

Crocheted and embroidered Oak Leaf brooch

Crocheted, felted and embroidered Pumpkin Fantasy pin

Another crocheted, felted and embroidered pumpkin brooch

A garden squash pin

Blossom Stardust brooch

Some new crocheted acorn jewelry:

Crocheted Brocaded Acorn Necklace

Crocheted Celtic Acorn earrings

Crocheted Cozy Little Nuts earrings

Crocheted Dappled Forest Acorn necklace

Crocheted Vintage Acorns necklace

Here's a scarf I made using the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf pattern by Tamara Kelly on the Moogly blog:

Finally, I call these my "Mermaid Mitts". I really like the versatility of crocheted fingerless mitts and I love the color of this yarn!

Happy Fall!  Enjoy all those yummy pumpkin spice goodies while you can!

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