Thursday, May 1, 2014

Springing into the Wedding Season: A Crocheted Bracelet and a Custom Garter

Today I just wanted to share a couple of custom wedding items that I've had the pleasure of creating in recent weeks.  They were both made for Emily, the daughter of my very dear friend, Peggy, who is getting married in early May.  I felt very honored that they asked me to do these special pieces.

The first item I made was a garter for the bride.  Peggy had a wonderful idea:  She wanted me to use materials from her own old wedding gown to create Emily's garter.  She also asked me to incorporate a treasured, gold cross that her own mother had given to her (Emily's grandmother) and that she had worn around her neck for many years.  What a great way to bring together symbols of love and pass them on to her daughter.

I ended up using some of the lace from Peggy's wedding gown, as well as some fabric from her veiled hat to make the flowers.  The wedding colors are pale yellow and gray, so I chose yellow crystal pearls for the center of the flowers and crocheted the flower leaves using gray satin ribbon embellished with tiny silver gray glass seed beads and silver metallic thread.  Ivory satin ribbon with pale yellow geometric flowers encases the elastic.

Emily talked with me and gave me details about what she wanted as design elements in her bridal bracelet.  She wanted several strands, each unique, and she wanted them done in ivory, pearl, crystal, and silver.  She liked a hammered, sterling silver heart clasp that I had in my stash, and she wanted a mix of textures -- fiber, wire, and beads.  

These are the individual strands.  One (far left) is actually crocheted using a very thin strip of ivory tulle fabric.  The strand that is third from the right is a garland of tiny crocheted flowers done in iridescent pearl thread, with crystal beads for centers.

And here is Emily's completed bridal bracelet:

Emily just asked me to make one more item -- a bracelet for her flower girl. I have to say, I really love creating jewelry and accessories for weddings.  It was a joy to create these pieces!


  1. Your blog is lovely! The name and poetry, and especially this design. A pleasure to view. I was experimenting with designs and came across this post - thanks.

    1. Lynne, I'm so glad you found my blog and spent some enjoyable time here. I haven't posted anything new in a while, but I've been working on some necklace designs and hope to get them into a post soon. Thanks for your comment!


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