Thursday, February 6, 2014

Heart-y Fun: Crocheted Valentine's Jewelry and Accessories

One of my favorite holidays, Valentine's Day, is just around the corner.  I've been using crocheted heart motifs to create some new jewelry and a little bag to celebrate.

The blog, Little Birdie Secrets, had an adorable and simple little crocheted heart pattern that I adapted to create these two pair of earrings.  Since I was working with wire, or a combination of wire and fiber, I liked the fact that this pattern used a very easy stitch pattern of only a single round.

Here are my Lavender Blue Dilly earrings, made using amethyst copper wire and mixed shades of lavender blue glass beads:

These Color of My Heart earrings are crocheted using a double strand of peach copper wire and mixed-color metallic embroidery floss.  Metallic finish glass beads that match the flecks of color in the floss are worked into the crochet stitches. The dangling hearts are Swarovski Crystal.

I made a bracelet to match these Color of My Heart earrings.  There is a silver metal chain underlying the crocheted stitches.  I actually crocheted the metallic floss, using single crochets, around the sides of the chain -- something like crocheting around both sides of a crocheted foundation chain.  Then down the center, I used the peach copper wire to crochet a chain, attaching it, at each point where the underlying silver chain links intersected, adding a Swarovski crystal heart at intervals.

I adapted the crocheted heart motif from the Heart Sachet pattern by Kristin Nicholas in Crochet Red: Crocheting for Women's Heart Health (Sixth & Spring Books 2013) to create a design for a small, heart wristlet bag.  

The wrist strap is removable.

The bag is lined with eggplant-colored, wool felt which picks up some of the deeper-toned flecks in the yarn.

This earring and bracelet set, Romantic Elegance, does not use crocheted heart motifs; rather, I focused the design around the Swarovski Elements silver crystal heart pendants and the Swarovski Elements crystal pearls in tones of peach and silver.  The pearls are encased in WireLace ribbon, also in shades of peach and silver.

Hope you enjoy an especially Happy Valentine's Day!

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