Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In With The New ... New Jewelry, New Location

With the advent of the New Year, I started working on some new jewelry.  With a few exceptions, I've been working on accessories -- bags and cowls and mitts and boot cuffs --  almost exclusively over the last few months, and I've decided it's time for a return to Gossamer Tangles' roots -- jewelry.  Here are some photos of pieces I've completed since January1, 2014.  Hope you like them!

Variation on my Chain Reaction Necklace

For this version of my Chain Reaction Necklace, I increased the number of chain links between the anchoring single crochets for the swags, and I only placed one anchor per link.  There are four different strands, so each attaches every 4th metal chain link.  The swags are also a bit shorter. You can see that this results in a more tangled effect.

Ring of Rosie Posies Necklace

Building on the idea of using a metal chain as a base for crocheted jewelry (and treating it essentially as one would a crocheted foundation chain), I created this crocheted flower necklace by first making the individual crocheted flowers.  I then threaded Czech glass leaf beads onto green thread and using chain stitches crocheted a vining stem that I attached at points along the chain with a slip stitch.  I added the flowers, using loops from the back of the posie, and pulling a loop of the green thread through to catch them in the slip stitch, as I went.

American Royal, a weedy necklace


This last creation is one of my "weedy necklaces".  As I've said before, I use the term "weedy" because the multi-strand necklaces are made up of a variety of different fibers and beads, and they just remind me of the wild, tangled look of a garden gone "weedy" with wildflowers.  I call this one "American Royal" because of the rich reds and blues that are intertwined throughout.

I also have a wonderful announcement to make for the new year -- a new location, locally, where I  my Gossamer Tangles creations will be displayed for sale!  Beginning February 1, 2014, Gossamer Tangles will be at the Yellow Door Art Market in Berkley, Michigan.  I am very excited about this opportunity!  More to come about Yellow Door as the move-in date approaches.

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