Friday, December 20, 2013

Scrap Happy: Felted Crocheted Brooches from Wool Yarn "Leftovers"

As you may recall, I've been a bit obsessed with felting in these cooler (well, recently COLD) months.  As a result, I've developed quite a collection of "leftover" wool yarn from my felting projects.  I thought I'd experiment a bit and see what I might be able to use them for. With all the spending on holiday gifts, it's nice to come up with ideas for things I can create using materials I have at hand.

I've mentioned before that I really love Paton's ColorWul for felting because of the color mixes that result in the finished piece. I used some of the scraps of that yarn that I had accumulated to crochet and then felt five different motifs - two different types of leaves, a triangle, a flower, and an oval.  Here are photos of four of those shapes, unadorned, before doing any additional embellishment.

They are from two and a half to five inches in length.  I decided to use them to create larger brooches or pins that can be used on scarves, bags, coats, sweaters, or wherever you might want an accent accessory that stands out as unique and colorful.  (I guess maybe I am a little bit obsessed with brooches as well as felting.)

The first brooch that I've finished utilized the other leaf shape that I crocheted and felted.  The Paton's ColorWul shade here is Ocean.  The reddish border around the leaf edge was created as a result of slip stitching around the edge of the leaf before felting.  The red color is one of the colors of the striping in the yarn.  I embellished the basic leaf shape by embroidering red glass beads down the center vein. I then used metallic embroidery floss in a blended shade (Caribbean Ripples from the DMC Light Effects Blended Favorites Floss Pack), that picks up the colors of the yarn, to chain stitch the veins that fan out from the center, as well as for the stem.

I hand sewed a pin back to thick wool felt, and then sewed that to the back of the leaf shape to complete the brooch.

So, one down and four to go!  This was an enjoyable project and I am looking forward to coming up with fun ideas for completing the rest of the brooches.

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