Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good Times at the Berkley Art Bash

Looking down the street just outside the Gossamer Tangles Booth

Tony and I had a blast at the 12th Annual Berkley Art Bash in Berkley, Michigan yesterday.  What a great venue! I think my favorite thing about it was watching all  the dogs.  So many people brought their canine companions . . . and what an amazing variety of dogs -- everything from tiny, pocketbook-size pooches to huge, hairy sheep dogs.

First, I thought I'd share a couple of final pre-Bash photos.  These were the last few items I made in the days just before the art fair.

I don't do many outdoor shows.  In fact, this was my first in two years.  The only other one I'd done was the Allen Park Street Fair in the summer of 2011.  So, I'm not really used to the whole setting up the tent thing, or essentially hauling an entire little retail store's worth of display props with me.  Luckily, I have a very understanding husband who carried everything up from the basement, transported it to the site, and helped set up. Many, many thanks, Dan! I know getting up at 5:15 am on a Saturday morning is not your idea of fun.

Here you can see my Gossamer Tangle's display set up, as well as Tony's book area in the tent.

Incorporated the new bird cage displays I made.

These folding door and lattice display panels were created by my daughter, Betsy, before my first outdoor show in 2011.

These shelves, that are usually used for storage in my basement, came in handy for creating a wall/barrier with the neighboring tent display.

Tony's display for his Viper Girl book series and his middle grade novel, Cootie the Not-So-Oddly-Named Girl Makes the Ultimate Pizza, were right at the tent entrance. One boy and his mom bought the entire set of Tony's books and had him sign them all!

There were also two very yummy highlights to the day.  Number one was buying lunch from Dago Joe's food truck.  I had a fantastic, 8-layer, veggie panini (the spicy guacamole was the best part!) and Tony had gnocchi with their fabulous "Lush Sauce".

Number two was buying the all-important afternoon snack from Holy Cannoli's.  Owned and operated by a Sicilian family, they were hand-filling fresh cannoli's, as well as selling other treats, like the chocolate chip cookies that Tony enjoyed.

And even though the day started out overcast and quite cold, by mid-afternoon, the sun was out and the sky was blue.  A good day all around!

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