Friday, April 26, 2013

Mother's Day: Say It With Flowers (Handmade Flowers, that is!)

Mother's Day is May 12 ...  two weeks from this Sunday!  Whenever I think of Mother's Day, I think of flowers.  I'm sure its because its the "flower" time of year.  Spring bulbs and shrubs are blooming, and it is always right around Mother's Day that my mom and I go out and purchase annuals for planting in the garden and in pots for our porches, her patio and my deck.

Bouquets of fresh flowers are a beautiful and popular Mother's Day gift. I love having something blooming and fragrant in my house after the long, gray winter.  Unfortunately, fresh flowers fade and die after several days.

This year, why not give the "moms" in your life flowers that last ... not just for days, or even weeks, but for many, many years to come.  I'm talking about handmade creations that feature flowers -- flowers that can be worn and enjoyed all year long.

If you're familiar with this blog, or you've looked in my Etsy or Art Fire shops, you've probably noticed that I tend to use a lot of flowers and floral motifs in my handmade jewelry and accessories.  It's not like I consciously think, "I want to make something with flowers."  My mind just seems to wander that way when I am thinking about designs for my pieces.  Maybe it's because of being surrounded by my mom's gorgeous flower gardens as I was growing up.

In celebration of Mother's Day, I'm offering a 20% discount on all items in my Etsy and Art Fire shops, including any custom/made to order items.  To get the discount, you just need to enter Coupon Code: LOVEMOM at checkout.  The code works in both stores.  I even include free gift wrapping in a moss green organza bag with peach tissue, and a Mother's Day greeting postcard.  If you want me to ship the gift directly to your mom and print your message on the card, I can take care of that also -- just send me a note when you order.

Organza gift bags come in various sizes to accommodate your gift.

Here are just a few of the designs from my shops that feature flowers:

Blue Beaded Crocheted Flower Cuff Bracelet

Crocheted Beaded Purple Lavender Floral Hoop Earrings
Sunset Trillium Necklace
Crocheted Flower Garden Cuff Bracelet in Pinks, Greens, Maroons

Pink Crocheted Rose Flower Post Earrings

Pink Flower Crochet Necklace with Glass Beads

Gypsy Rose Wire, Bead, and Fiber Necklace

How Does Your Garden Grow Crocheted Purse

You-Can-Use-Me-For-Your-Stuff Clutch - Blooming Plaid

Flower Hair Comb - Purple Crocheted Beaded Lily

Teal Velvet Crocheted Flower Brooch with Beaded Silver Center

Vitrail Glass Flowers and Leaves Crocheted Wire Necklace

Of course, if your mom is not into flowers, I have plenty of non-floral designs, too. ;-)  The 20% off applies to everything.  Happy Mother's Day!

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