Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Spring: Crocheted Spring Flower Earrings - Free Pattern

It is FINALLY starting to look and feel like spring!  Today was sunny and the temperature was in the 50's.  Many of the birds have returned.  Every few minutes I could hear the Red-Winged Blackbirds calling from the trees. On our walk, my dogs really enjoyed exploring all the new, unfolding scents
In honor of today's spring feeling, I designed and made a pair of Crocheted Spring Flower Earrings.  I'm sharing the pattern here.  Make them! Wear them! Celebrate the arrival of warmth, growing things, and longer, brighter days!

And, as a special little spring into springiness, I am having a GIVEAWAY.  The winner will receive the pair of earrings I made in developing this pattern - the pair pictured here.  You will be entered in the giveaway if you:
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The giveaway contest begins when I publish this post and ends at midnight on Thursday, April 4. Only new activity qualifies for entry so, for example, if you are already a Facebook fan and you already follow this blog, you need to leave a comment to enter.  I will randomly draw the name of a winner from those who have entered and publish the winner's name here next Friday, April 5, 2013.  I'll cover the shipping cost (for this reason, sorry but only US residents are eligible).  I will get in touch with the winner to get an address.

Here's the pattern.  I would say it is appropriate for crocheters of intermediate skill. I would love to see photos if anyone makes a pair.  Just post them on my Facebook Page or in the comments here.

Spring Flower Crocheted Earrings
by Angela Saylor
(Feel free to use and share this pattern for any purpose,
but please link back to this blog post and give credit to the designer. Thank you!)

C-Lon Cord – 1 spool Moss (A) and 1 spool Amethyst (B) (or two colors of your choice)
40 – size 11 seed beads in Green Iris (metallic dark) (or color of your choice)

2 – 20mm (2cm) pressed Czech glass leaf beads (I used olive)

2- ½ inch translucent plastic rings
2 – 5mm silver jump rings

2 – Flower earring studs w/ loop (I used Cousin’s Plated Silver Elegance brand)

Size 2 steel crochet hook

2 pair of needle nose pliers (or whatever type of jewelry pliers you feel comfortable with to open and close the jump rings).
Small tapestry needle

Directions (make 2):        
On spool A, string 10 seed beads, 1 glass leaf bead, 10 seed beads.

Round 1: (WS) Using A, attach the cord to the hook using a slip knot.  Insert the hook through one of the rings, yarn over, pull the yarn through the ring (so you now have 2 loops on the hook).  Push a seed bead up to the loops, against the ring, yarn over and pull through both loops.

(Photos demonstrate steps in making a beaded single crochet)


You have now completed one beaded single crochet (bsc).  The bead appears on the right side of the work (facing away from you).
Make 9 more bsc around the plastic ring (10 bsc). 
Chain 1, move glass leaf bead up to chain, make another loose chain stitch (capturing the leaf bead in the stitch). Make 10 more bsc in the ring.  Join with sl st to first bsc. Fasten off.

Round 2: Turn ring over so that the right side (side with beads) is facing you.  Using B, attach the cord to the hook using a slip knot.  Attach to Round 1 by making a sc in the 11th bsc of Round 1 (first stitch after the glass leaf bead was attached).  Ch 2. Trc in the next two bsc. Ch 2. Sc in next bsc. (First petal completed.) *Sc in next bsc. Ch 2. Trc in next two bsc. Ch 2. Sc in next bsc.* Repeat from * to *, three more times, ending in the 10th bsc of Round 1 (last stitch before glass leaf bead was attached).

5 petals made.  Join with sl st (working in front of leaf bead attachment) to first sc in round.  Fasten off.
Use the tapestry needle to weave in ends and cut off any excess.

Use pliers to open a jump ring. Slide one side of jump ring through the top loop of one of the trc in the petal at the top of the flower (directly across the ring from the leaf bead). Slide the loop of the earring stud onto the jump ring also.  Close the jump ring.  Be sure that the right side of your flower and the right side of your earring stud are facing the same direction.

sl st = slip stitch
bsc = beaded single crochet
ch = chain
trc = treble/triple crochet


  1. grazie! un tutorial molto accurato :)

    1. Thank you! I hope you have fun making the earrings. :)

  2. These caught my eye because I just happen to have some leaf beads I haven't used...this would be perfect.... ;)

    1. I hope you enjoy making them. I'd love to see a photo, if you'd like to post one when you're done. :)

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