Friday, January 25, 2013

Focus on Forward - Looking Ahead Creatively

Let me begin my first post of 2013 with an apology:  I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in over a month. Between the energy-draining bustle of the holidays and my decision to take some time and really think about the goals and development of my business, Gossamer Tangles, the time just got away from me.  I am newly resolved to be more regular in my blog posting -- at least once a week -- but I won't promise that I'll never slip up.  Sometimes life can get pretty complicated and then, well, blogging may fall prey to the "yikes!" mode of dealing with things.

Because I've decided to get more serious and focused about growing my business and hopefully raising its profile, I have been working on a few things since the new year began.  First, I've been slowly working on getting my Etsy shop stocked and in better shape.  Take a look, and you'll see I'm making progress.

Second, I 've been doing some reading in a variety of print and online sources about both the administrative and creative sides of running a business that sells handmade creations.  I'm working on developing formal business and marketing plans.  To that end, one of the things I've written is a Mission Statement for Gossamer Tangles:

Gossamer Tangles designs and creates one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories using crochet, needle arts, multi-media techniques and a wide variety of materials, including among others: fiber, wire, beads, fabric, paint, metal and upcycled materials. Color and texture are of primary importance in each Gossamer Tangles creation.  I want people to buy my work because they feel an affinity with it -- a connection -- that gives them a feeling of "I really love this."  Through online sales and local markets, I offer unique, hand-crafted jewelry and accessories of exceptional beauty and quality that can be purchased ready made from my inventory or custom-created to meet the needs and desires of my customers.
I may try to refine this a bit -- make it more concise -- but I hope it gets the idea across.  I want to connect with customers who are interested in wearable art that is unique, has deep sensory appeal, and that speaks to and reflects who they are.

As they often say, sometimes pictures convey things better than words, so I thought I would post some randomly chosen photos of a few Gossamer Tangles creations that hopefully get across the "mission" of my work.

Another business step I took this month, which will hopefully make shopping at Gossamer Tangles a bit easier and more focused, was to create "Valentine's Day Gift" sections in both my ArtFire and my Etsy shops. All the items in my shops are potential gift items, and I always package my items ready for gift-giving, but these are items I chose that because of their theme or colors seemed particularly suited to Valentine's Day. As I've said before, unlike many people, I don't see Valentine's Day as one of those made-up, "greeting card" holidays.  Since I was a child, I've always viewed and experienced Valentine's Day as a day to let those I love know that I care about them. I actually enjoy buying little Valentine's Day gifts for family and friends, and I'm hoping perhaps others do, too.

To end today's post, here are photos of a couple of items in the Valentine's gift sections in the shops: