Sunday, November 11, 2012

Showing, Telling, and Selling in Dearborn, Michigan

Yesterday, Gossamer Tangles was showing, telling and selling at the Lindbergh Holiday Boutique.  This holiday-themed, juried arts and crafts fair is held annually as a fundraiser for Lindbergh Elementary School in Dearborn, Michigan.  This was its 40th Anniversary!  Two of the artisans participating in the show had actually been there all 40 years!

Even though it didn't feel much like Christmas (with temperatures in the 60's), holiday spirit was high.  The children who acted as "angel" volunteers, getting food for artisans, helping them set up, helping them carry things to their cars, etc. were especially wonderful!

Here are a few photos from my display at the Lindbergh Boutique:

You can see more photos from the boutique on the their facebook page.

One of the artisans with space near mine was an amazing soap maker, local to Dearborn, Marcia Makowski.  She and her husband learned soap making at Greenfield Village.  They hand craft wonderful soaps, using pure, natural ingredients -- many of the herbs coming from their own garden.  The name of their business is Saponify Herbal Infused Soaps.  I bought a bar of their Chamomile soap, which also contains neroli essential oil, and used it this morning.  I love it!

Next Saturday, Gossamer Tangles will be at a very new show, the first annual Holiday Galleria at the First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn, 600 N. Brady.

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