Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Finished!

Just wanted to take a quick moment to post a couple of photos of the finished bridal hair comb using this week's "fantasy flower".  Here it is:

Friday, July 27, 2012

One More Crocheted Fantasy Flower for the Bride

In two previous posts I featured what I've dubbed bridal "fantasy flowers".  These are flowers that can be worn as a hair ornament, worked into a brooch or sash, or otherwise use as a bridal accessory.  Over the past few days, I've created one additional fantasy flower that will be worked into a hair comb.  This one features gold wire, iridescent pearl metallic thread, tiny transparent ivory seed beads, iridescent crystal bugle beads, and faceted crystal beads in clear and champagne tones. I photographed it with two different backgrounds and in two naturally lit locations to try to give a good view of the finished flower.

Here are some close-ups to give a better view of the details:

For the finished comb, I plan to add a simple leaf crocheted in metallic gold thread and a couple of small "budding" stems.

Last week, I posted photos of the necklace I made for myself to match the dress I wore to my daughter, Betsy's, bridal shower.  I promised a photo of the earrings.  Here is a picture of me wearing both the necklace and earrings.

I still have a couple of items to make for Betsy's wedding -- the floral comb for her hair and one more flower hair clip for the flower girl.  But I have new ideas for designs for a necklace and a bracelet that I really want to try out next week.  We'll see how it goes ...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunny Colors Bring Out Showers of Flowers

Tomorrow is Betsy's bridal shower.  I don't often make things for myself (just don't have the time), but I decided to make a necklace to wear with my dress to the shower.  I bought my dress a couple of months ago from Coldwater Creek.

I wanted to create something that would pick up the colors in the dress, as well as fill in the v-neckline a bit.  I chose to go with one of my "weedy" designs, as I did for the bride's and bridesmaids' necklaces for the wedding.

I made five separate strands featuring wire, fiber, and beads in multiple shades of orange, red, yellow, copper, and gold with tiny hints of gray and black.  I used copper findings.

I was very pleased with the way the colors in the necklace and the dress worked together.  The design of the necklace also seems to complement the style of the floral print in the dress -- somewhat abstract and untamed.

This evening (last minute, I know),  I'm planning to finish a pair of earrings to go with it.  I'll post a photo in a few days.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fascinating Crocheted Fantasy Flowers for the Bride - Part 2

In last week's post, I feature pictures of some flowers I created while experimenting with ideas for bridal hair accessories.  This week, I wanted to show you what I've done to "finish" my experiment.  I  designed some additional elements -- a leaf and some branches with crystal buds.  I then incorporated those with the two flowers I created last week to decorate a 4 1/2 inch comb.  This is the result:

Here are some close-up views of the various elements of the finished piece:

As you can see from the photo below, the various pieces are wired to the comb:

I imagine this comb being used tucked into a bride's hairdo -- for example, into the roll of a french twist, or to secure a side sweep.  I think it would also look beautiful to secure an ivory veil.

In addition, I started work on another bridal hair accessory design this week.  The central focal element will be a calla lily, which I crocheted using an iridescent metallic ivory thread and 30 gauge gold copper wire for the spathe and the gold wire embellished with ivory pearls for the spadix (center curled spike).

These curved fronds of heavier gold copper wire incorporating pearl drops are additional pieces I am considering adding to the final design:

Upcoming Arts and Crafts Fairs/Shows

I also wanted to give a heads-up this week to the "live" shows I have coming up. I will be at:

The Artists' Market at Leon & Lulu's in Clawson, MI on August 26 and 28.

The Lindbergh Holiday Boutique at Lindbergh Elementary School in Dearborn, MI on November 10, 2012.

The Holiday Galleria at First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn on November 17, 2012.

Parcells Holiday Arts and Crafts Bazaar on December 1, 2012 in Grosse Pointe Woods on December 1, 2012.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fascinating Crocheted Fantasy Flowers for the Bride

Hot week. Busy week.  I had little time for creative endeavors this week, but I decided I would try experimenting with some crocheted flowers that could be worked into a fascinator or hair ornament for a bride, or even possibly worked into a headband or wreath to anchor a bridal veil.  Below are photos of the two flowers that I came up with -- obviously additional pieces would need to be designed to create a finished piece.  I'll work on that.

Ivory silk cord, worked with Papal Gold metallic braid in one layer of petals, center of
crystal beads with metallic lining, sewn on with gold thread.

Crocheted from 30 gauge, gold-colored copper wire, embellished with tiny ivory
crystal glass seed beads

The two flowers together.