Friday, June 29, 2012

Crocheted Posies - Hair Embellishments for the Youngest Members of the Wedding Party

All four of my nieces will participate in Betsy's wedding.  Lauren will be a bridesmaid, Claire and Josie will be junior bridesmaids, and Jaylin will be the flower girl.  Betsy is close to all of her cousins and I am so happy that they can all be part of the celebration.

This week, I started work on the flower hair clips that will be worn by the junior bridesmaids and the flower girl.  Their dresses will all be clover green with plum sashes.  They'll be wearing metallic gold shoes.  Mums and Dahlias in shades of purple will be prominently featured in the wedding flowers, and so, in thinking about the design for the girls' floral hair clips, I wanted to use a type of flower that mirrored the full, multi-layered, small petal look of those flowers.

For the main layers of petals, I used a nylon fiber in variegated shades of purple combined with a metallic purple filament.  I added seed beads in deep berry shades and topaz with an iridescent purple sheen. This portion of the flower was crocheted using a multitude of loops formed from chain stitches.

The center petal layers of the flower I crocheted in a combination of metallic gold thread and metallic purple braided thread.  Again, a multitude of small loops were worked to give a full, fluffy appearance.

Finally, I crocheted a single leaf from clover green nylon thread combined with a metallic green braided thread.

While I have not yet attached the clip to the back of the flower (it will be invisible under the floral piece), you can see the finished flower and leaf in the photos below:

I hope the girls enjoy wearing them!  Perhaps they can even get some use from them after the wedding.

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