Monday, May 28, 2012

Wedding "Weeds" from Beautiful Beads

My last post showed photos of some of the materials that will be used to create necklaces for the bridesmaids. Betsy (my daughter, the bride) would like me to create their necklaces in what I call my "weedy" design.  I'm not sure exactly why I chose that moniker for the type of design; maybe because the necklace is not tidy, conforming and compliant (like typical garden flowers), but a bit of a wild,whimsical mix (more like the wildflower weeds that pop up in fields).  Whatever led me to the name, it essentially refers to creating a multi-strand necklace with each strand featuring unique beads and unique stringing material. Despite their differences, the strands complement each other.

Here are a few of examples of "weedy" necklaces I've designed in the past to give you the idea:

Amber Waves Necklace

Amber Waves Detail

Starry Night Necklace

Starry Night detail

Twilight Garden necklace

Twilight Garden detail

Carnelian and Peridot Tangles detail

Carnelian and Peridot Tangles Necklace
So now, I need to take the materials I've accumulated in shades of plum, clover and topaz/gold (most of which are shown in the photos of my last blog entry) and come up with my individual strand ideas -- always keeping in mind how those strands will work with each other to create a pleasing mix of color and texture.

Betsy also wants a "weedy" bridal necklace.  Her dress is ivory.  Her shoes are metallic gold.  These are the materials I've gathered for her strands:

Hopefully, I will have photos of some completed strands for next week's blog post.

In the meantime, I finally finished my "Sea Lavender" bag yesterday!  It's not up for sale on my ArtFire site yet, but in my May 4 blog post I promised photos when I finished it and here they are:

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