Friday, May 4, 2012

Sea Lavender and Wisteria Provide Design and Color Inspiration

There are two flowering plants that I have always absolutely loved:  Sea Lavender and Wisteria. The first, Sea Lavender, features a combination of a periwinkle lavender and sea green that takes my breath away.  I don't know what it is about the effect of those colors together, but it has always been very appealing to me.

This week, I used the colors of Sea Lavender to design and make a six-stranded, loosely braided bracelet.  The bracelet was created using wire, fiber, and glass beads, all of which reflect the glorious colors of this perennial plant. I've called it Beaded Crocheted Sea Lavender Six-Strand Bracelet.

I've also begun work on a handbag that features the colors of Sea Lavender.  I am crocheting the body of the bag in an open work pattern and then will weave Sea Lavender ribbon through it.  When I saw this ribbon, I had no idea what I would do with it, but I HAD to buy it!  It screams Sea Lavender.  Hopefully, in the photos I have been able to capture the sea green reflective quality that is woven into the periwinkle satin and gives it such amazing color as the light plays over it.

I'll post photos when I finish the bag.

While I love the colors of Wisteria, it is its form that has always captivated me.  My Grandma Smith had a beautiful Wisteria tree and my mom also has gorgeous Wisteria in her yard (not sure, but I actually think the plants came from shoots from my grandmother's tree).  I never know quite whether to call Wisteria a tree or a vine.  It can be trained to grow either way, but even the tree has a very vine-like quality, with pale spring green leaves and tendrils running riot.  The pale purple flower clusters, loose and dangling, always look like they are just dripping from the branches.  As you can probably tell from the name I gave my business, Gossamer Tangles, I've always been fond of fairy-related "things".  Wisteria remind me of the bowers where I imagine fairies would make their homes.

With the Wisteria Necklace I designed and created this week, I attempted to capture the colors and the form of Wisteria vines.  I again used crochet techniques, choosing metallic threads, cotton threads, and glass beads in colors that would reflect the shades of the vines, leaves, trunks, and blossoms.

I really enjoyed making this piece! It was challenging to try to figure out how to make each strand mirror its natural counterpart.

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