Friday, February 3, 2012

The Copper Rainbow

On almost every listing on my Gossamer Tangles ArtFire site, I make the following statement: "As with all the items I make, if you think you might like this in another color combination, please get in touch.  As materials allow, I am happy to accept custom orders."  I

One of the reasons that I can include this statement is because of the very wide range of colors that the materials I use for my designs come in.  For example, in many of my jewelry creations I use 28- or 30-gauge permanently colored copper wire.  The number of colors and shades of colors that this wire comes in is incredible. I usually use Artistic Wire, as I've found it to be of excellent quality and it offers so many color options.

The photos below show a sampling of the colors I currently have in stock to work with:

Permanently colored copper wire is a wonderful material to work with for jewelry because the color is just that -- permanent. The colored surface does not get scratched or flake off or become distorted.

I just used the 30-gauge red wire to crochet a pair of hearts which I will use to create Valentine's earrings.

It's handy to have a fairly large stock of colors for spur-of -the-moment projects like this, or when I do get a custom order.  At Christmas, for example, I had a customer order several pair of earrings and she wanted to buy them in the colors shown on my ArtFire site, but also wanted me to create another pair of each design in different colors for her daughter.  This allowed them to have matching earring designs, but in their own unique colors.

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