Friday, January 20, 2012

Works in Progress

It seems to be that time of year -- a time for projects and plans in-the-works. We all find ourselves doing things like gathering things together to do taxes, getting into new school terms, starting new home improvement projects, and trying to carry out our New Year's resolutions.  Speaking of New Year's resolutions, did you notice that my blog was updated on time this week?  Yes, I made my Friday weekly deadline!

At Gossamer Tangles, I find myself in the midst of working on a couple of new pieces for Valentine's Day.  I am hoping to finish some hand-embroidered heart earrings, a necklace that will basically match them, and a hand-felted wool heart pendant.

I am hoping to finish them in time to get them into my ArtFire store by the end of January.

Another "work-in-progress" that I am very excited about is my son's comic.  He started at Eastern Michigan University this past fall.  Almost immediately, he got a job with the Eastern Echo (EMU's bi-weekly newspaper) producing an original comic strip, "Bleeping Bacon Bits".

I love it!  It always brings a smile to my face.  It's about two "puff ball" guys (as Tony calls them) who are college roommates, Kenny and Gasser, and their weird, quirky and always funny adventures. He's two weeks into the Winter term now and the Echo finally updated their comics archives so I can now read BBB online!  But even the archives update is a work-in-progress.  They only have the first 17 strips archived and online -- but yesterday there were only 14, so they seem to be adding more every day!

I hope that whatever your "work-in-progress" may be, you are enjoying it.  The joy is in the doing!

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