Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Decorate with Children's Christmas Art - Bring back the warm memories

"Glory to the new born King ..." sings the angel on the Christmas triptych that my autistic son created over a decade ago.  This year, that triptych was the focus of my Christmas decorating -- occupying the place of honor on my family room mantel.

A triptych is a picture on three panels, usually hinged together vertically, and traditionally used as an altarpiece.  When I first saw Tony's triptych portraying the nativity and the accompanying block figures of the Holy Family, I was overwhelmed with emotion.  He was a fifth grader at the time (now he's in college). Always plagued with coordination problems, the three panels are inexpertly carved with wavy edges, and the drawings are very raw, but the expressions on the faces of the simple, cartoon-like characters are priceless and, to me, convey the true joy of Christmas. The blue of the night sky is so rich and deep, and the Star of Bethlehem shines down so brightly, bringing an intense feeling of hope, which to me is what Christmas is all about.

Every year since he created it, I have displayed Tony's nativity triptych, usually tucked away on a corner table in the dining room, or on the lower shelf of a table in the front hall.  But when I pulled it out from storage as I went to decorate this year, it struck me that this piece of children's Christmas art was my most precious and most meaningful symbol of Christmas.  I wanted to place it front and center -- where we could all enjoy it and  be reminded not only of the Truth of what Christmas is all about, but also of the warm family memories of Christmases past.
In the daylight

Merry Christmas to All and may you find Peace in the year to come!
In the evening with the lights twinkling


  1. I love it.....I didn't get to actually visit your house this year!

    I save all of my kid's artwork and use them to decorate with for all of the holidays. I also like to save all of the Christmas cards people send to me or give me, and I hang them up on the hallway walls. They make great memories and decorations.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Angie. Nothing is more precious than something created and given by a child. Christmas is always filled with so many warm and loving family memories. We were fortunate to have added to those memories again this year! Love, Aunt Florence


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