Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hand-Embroidered Jewelry Featuring Handmade Fabrics on Felt

Shimmering and light, but substantial -- this new technique of creating a translucent fabric and then bonding it to felt allows for beautiful, intricate designs that will endure.  Recently, I created fabrics using Angelina fibers, embroidered designs on the fabric using metallic threads, and then bonded it to wool felt.  I then embellished the edges with hand-embroidery as well.  I also added crocheted embellishments in metallic thread to some of the pieces.  Here's the result:

Festive Hand-Embroidered Holly Leaf Earrings with Red Berries

Frosted Purple Ash Leaf Earrings

Hand-Embroidered Holly Leaf Earrings with Red Glass Bead Berries

Similarly, I created fabric by dying a used dryer sheet with alcohol inks and adding metallic acrylic paint accents.  I then took the recycled dryer sheet, embroidered a design using metallic thread and glass beads, and bonded it to wool felt.  I also embroidered the edges with beads and metallic thread to create a round medallion.  It is attached to a braided necklace of organza ribbon and crocheted, beaded chains of metallic threads.

Green and Gold Hand-Embroidered Beaded Medallion Necklace

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