Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Became of the Blue Recycled Dryer Sheet? Blue Moon Ruffles

Blue Moon Ruffle Earrings! That's the design I came up with for my third recycled dryer sheet.  Utilizing both used dryer sheets and recycled bottle caps, this is an eco-friendly creation.

This was the sheet that I painted using an iridescent/metallic blue acrylic paint.  I used dye on my other sheets.  The pain gives the sheet more body, and like the dye, it permeates through both sides.

I cut four strips from the painted portion of the sheet to use for the earrings -- two for each.  They were each about 1/2 inch wide.  I used a very fine, metallic aqua, filament thread and sewed a tiny running stitch along the top edge of the strips, joining two strips together with the line of stitches.  Next I used a delicate silver metallic thread to make a second line of running stitches just below the first, using those stitches to also secure a row of clear glass, blue-lined beads on both sides.  Finally, I added a row of running stitches in a cobalt metallic filament below the other two.

I flattened two "Blue Moon" Beer bottle caps to use as the base for the earrings.  I painted them with silver metallic acrylic paint and coated them with an acrylic gloss.

I gathered my strips into ruffles and attached them to the edges of the bottle caps with Fusion adhesive.  Then I created a circular, crocheted motif for the center of each earring, using thin silver braid, together with the cobalt and aqua metallic filaments.  I added a row of stitches in silvery-blue thread to the edge of each circle. Tiny blue glass seed beads were crocheted into the design, and a clear crystal disc bead and small iridescent blue tube bead were added to embellish the center.  These circle motifs were attached to the center of the bottle caps/inner edge of the ruffle using the same adhesive.

Finally, I crocheted two short chains using blue nylon-coated beading wire and silver colored copper wire, embellished with clear blue glass beads and the crystal disc beads.  I attached one end of each chain to a silver star earring post and one end  to the bottle cap on the back of ruffle/crochet circle.

That completed the earrings.  They really capture the essence of a star-studded sky on a clear summer night.

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