Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Bright Colors of Summer Inspire New Designs

Each season offers its own pallet of colors inspired by the world around us.  Autumn offers the bronzes, reds, yellows, and jewel tones of the forests.  Winter neutrals of whites, blacks, grays, and  browns reflect the muted, snowy landscape of that season (except for the holidays with their burst of bright, cheery color).  Then there is spring with its budding greens and pastels; colors just beginning to awaken.  But summer -- glorious summer -- offers the bright and bursting colors of a world that is filled with blooming flowers, lush green foliage, sunny skies and many-shaded blue waters.

As the shades of summer begin to dominate my landscape, I find ideas for summer-colored jewelry running through my head.  I look at a brilliant pot of flowers on someone's porch and immediately start to imagine how I could work those colors into a necklace or earrings.  Recently, I saw a ball of variegated crochet cotton in my stash that I had completely forgotten about.  It had gorgeous, bright summer colors and I immediately saw an opportunity to start acting on my "summer inspirations".  I began with a strand of beaded, crocheted flowers -- letting the colors of the thread dictate my bead choices and the colors to be incorporated in the other strands of the necklace.  I wanted both vibrant color and interesting texture.  The result was my Gypsy Rose Wire, Fiber and Bead Necklace.

The "hot" colors for summer clothes this year seem to be coral/orange, bright yellowy lime greens, and purples.  After making it, I realized that the Gypsy Rose necklace features all of these colors.

In the summer, even neutral shades, like black, are accented with bright colors.  I love the way aqua and lime look against black, and so decided to try my hand at another necklace featuring those colors.  I wanted the necklace to have an airy, summer quality, too.  So, I decided to work in some organza ribbon, to give it a translucent look and light texture.  The result is this Black, Turquoise and Lime Beaded Wire, Ribbon, and Thread Necklace.

Next on my list of summer "inspirations" -- time to try a different medium.  I want to create a summer bag.  Haven't made any non-jewelry accessories in a while, and there are some gorgeous, summery fibers and fabrics out there to create with.   Let the fun begin ...

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