Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Branches

Preface:  This is my first post on my new "Blogger" blog.  If you would like to see earlier posts, you can check out my blog at my Artfire Studio: Gossamer Tangles.

Spring is taking its time in coming to Michigan this year.  The weather has been cool, windy and rainy.  Not the most pleasant weather for being outdoors, but it creates an intriguing pallet of colors.  I've been struck by the vibrant pale green of the emerging leafy buds on the trees in contrast with the dampened grays, taupes and blacks of their branches and trunks.  The slate blue-gray of the rain-fattened clouds as a background makes these spring branches "pop" even more.

These colors and textures of emerging life -- promises of the warm weather and full-leafed splendor to come -- inspired me to create a necklace.  I wanted to capture the vibrancy and subtlety I saw in the landscape around me. So, using mercerized perle cotton, metallic threads and tiny glass beads, I created "Spring Branches".

Pictured below, the necklace can be purchased in my Artfire Studio.